“We have worked with Tracey L. Davis of GTC for quite awhile now and could not be more pleased with her services and consulting we have received. She is the most vastly, educated and informed therapist we have used to date. She not only works with our two children but us the parents and teacher of our children as we homeschool. We’re now heading into a new lifestyle of roadschooling and even in this lifestyle she meets all our needs. She incorporates daily life activities into your plan that prevents the need to purchase numerous outside expensive resource and yet keeping it fun. We see no other option than GTC for all our needs.”

Mavis Hageman
​Ohio, USA

“I had a great experience with Global Therapy Consultants. The therapist assigned to me has been very helpful with ways to support my daughters speech development.  I received quick responses to questions from very professional and knowledgeable staff. I liked the online center as it allowed me to communicate quickly and keep all information easily accessible. I would recommend the services to anyone seeking educational support.”

Jessica S.

“Tracey began working with my son when he was 5. Not only did he bond with her immediately, but she was very in tune with my son’s condition and needs. She assisted us through a very difficult time and I saw my son grow and progress while working with her. Even 3 years later after we have moved to a new country Tracey continues to guide us and check in on my son. Tracey is truly an expert in her field!”

Pam S.
Wisconsin, USA

“By second grade I was pretty certain our son was struggling, going into fourth grade, I knew. Fourth grade was marked by nearly every night ending with both myself and my son in tears. The greatest struggle for him was writing out his thoughts. He was also reading well below his reading level with a serious struggle with fluency, decoding and comprehension from pure text without pictures for context clues. My frustration was that this struggle did not match our child’s capability. It was clear that he was quite bright and that his comprehension of subject matter far exceeded his ability to put it into written word. Verbally he could communicate with such detail that it was apparent there was a disconnect between what he knew and understood and what he was able to communicate in writing.

That is when we met Tracey Davis. Tracey spoke hope into our hearts. We had been very reluctant to have our son tested for any learning disability in fear that he would be labeled and placed into a class setting that was not appropriate for him. Socially the implications of such a placement can be devastating; school can be a cruel place! Tracey encouraged me to take some immediate steps and begin tutoring using the Barton System. I attended a Barton System seminar and immediately knew that our boy was dyslexic. Tracey began to work with him in an occupational therapy capacity to address some hand eye coordination issues and also as a tutor using the Barton System to address his dyslexia challenges.

I can’t even really describe the change we saw in our son, it was to us, nothing short of miracle. I am not writing this to praise Tracey (although I could write an essay doing that) rather to endorse the knowledge that she brings to the table! It was like she had the key to a door that had been locked to our son for a very long time! Now the door was flung wide open!

Tracey worked with our son weekly through fifth and six grades in person. He continues to work with her in a remote capacity currently tutoring via video call across the globe! When Tracey and her family moved out of the United States for an employment assignment, we could not bear to find another tutor because she had forged such a great connection with our son! He trusts her.

What is the greatest difference in our son since he started working with Tracey? Without any question, his confidence! He is now an honor roll student in the 7th grade. Excelling especially in Science! Without a doubt largely due to the fact that he believes he can because Tracey has shown him he is capable.

Tracey’s tutoring and expertise in the Barton System and in occupational therapy was the perfect combination of skills that we needed to address our son’s dyslexia challenges. I would recommend her services (and actually have recommended her services) to anyone seeking this kind of help. Her desire to empower her students and her integrity and work ethic has been a gift to us!”

Tracy Van Horn
Circleville, OH